Trends in the fashion industry keep changing with time. Fashion statements shift rapidly from one style to another creating new demand in the apparel industry. A close eye is kept on what's ‘in’ these days to stay up to date with trendy outfits and popular designs.

Those brands that are quick to react, are successful enough to capture a huge share in the industry by attracting customers to the latest hot designs in the market. Those who fail to offer may then have to suffer consequences. Kanvas has introduced a whole range of matching separates with attractive colors and beautiful designs.

The dynamics of the fashion industry are complex. It requires flexibility and adaptive behavior. Market what’s new, set benchmarks by introducing chic patterns, and make your designs go viral. This is what leads to success.

Are Matching Separates the New Go-To?

Matching separates go back to the roots of men and women dressing in different clothing. These days, you can wear your favorite pants with a blouse or dress that you think will match them well.

A pair of jeans can be matched with your favorite blazer or top and vice versa. The idea behind this trend is that instead of having one complete outfit for the entire day, we change our looks when we need to go out for different occasions and events.

Matching separates is a popular trend in the fashion industry. It enables people to mix and match their clothes, shoes, bags, hats, coats to create their unique style. If you’re looking for inspiration for solid designs do check our website for classy articles at affordable rates.

The fashion industry has always been about new trends, but with social media, new technologies, and a greater focus on sustainability, brands are now experimenting with both more sustainable practices and innovative designs.

For example, some designers are making more of an effort to create collections that match the needs of customers and add smartness to their everyday wear basic outfits.

Pakistani women mostly go for traditional attires where they opt for shalwar kameez as their go-to wear for their daily use. Hence, instead of wearing fancy prints regularly, the trend of matching separates and solid wear allowed them to dress up in solid colors – both top and bottom. This adds comfort and a sense of fashion to Pakistani wardrobes.

Why Matching Separates?

The fashion industry is changing constantly, and we can see that by looking at the trend of matching separates. Matching separates are a perfect way to wear clothes that are not necessarily fancy, but they go well together. When you match two pieces, you can make a bold statement without wearing too many colors or patterns at the same time.

Brands like Khaadi, Generation, Ego and Sapphire were quick to adopt and introduce outfits that fit well under this category. This style is perfect for any being who wants to create an outfit with personality and individuality while still looking polished and elegant.

The trend of matching separates has been around for a while now, but it was popularized by celebrities both foreign like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Gigi Hadid and local like Sajal Ali, Saba Qamar, and Mahira Khan who all wear it often.

If you feel like dressing up in a decent attire you can purchase outfits like Jasper, Amber, Blue Topaz, or Peri winkle. These eastern wear designs are suitable for all kinds of occasions and events.

The lines between formal and casual dress codes are blurred, as many people feel that formal wear is now too constricting. Fashion has evolved over the years and today we see trends changing every season. Women have more choice than ever when it comes to what they can be seen in – from modest clothing to body-con dresses and now Solids and matching separates.

Individuals are changing their fashion choices to adapt to the changes in society. Fashion trends are adapting to the changes in society by moving towards less clothing, more comfort, and more practicality for day-to-day life.


Matching separates is the new trend. It has been going on for a while now and it is apparent that many people are starting to adapt to this new trend. Some people might think that matching separates is a waste of money, but if you know how to wear the right colors with minimalistic, then you can make the most out of your wardrobe at a lower price.

In these changing trends in the fashion industry, people are starting to adopt different styles and colors because they want to stand out from others.

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